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INGA Honey Co is owned and operated by Marcus Joy. Based in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales and with a range that covers most of New South Wales.

From an early age the only thing Marcus loved more than being outdoors, was honey. One might say it was inevitable that he would eventually find a way to combine these passions. INGA Honey Co was born. With a focus on premium honey lines and Honey Wines, Marcus migrates his bees up to 1000km from his base.


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we need your

As many of you know our honey bees are coming under threat and they need all the help they can get. One of the greatest threats is habitat loss through land clearing and environmental degradation..

As migratory beekeepers we move our bees up to 1000km from our home base of the Blue Mountains. We are always looking for new sites to put our bees. If you own a property in the radius area indicated below please contact us and we would be happy come see if your property would be a good location to put our bees. In return we’ll provide you with 10kg of honey per year, regardless if we have bees there or not each year.

If you would like more information about having bees on your property, please call Marcus on 

0410 585 470 or send us message. We'd sure like to hear from you.

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