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Plastic Foundation Wax Applicator

Plastic Foundation Wax Applicator


Our new plastic foundation wax roller is going back into production for a limited time.

This latest version can apply beeswax to any standard size plastic foundation, Plastic FD Frames and Timber FD Frames with Plastic Foundation.*


$1799 + delivery


Foundation Wax Applicator

- Plastic Foundation (Full Depth, WSP & Ideal)

- Full Depth Plastic & Assembled Timber Frames (manual)

- 12v DC motor and gearbox

- Variable speed adjustment (Max 160rpm)

- Isolation switch

- Grease lubricated bearings

- Spare roller set

- Thermostatically controlled Wax warmer

Australian Made.

Average 22g of wax added per sheet

Plastic Foundation 600 sheets per hour

*Assembled frames can only be waxed in manual mode.

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